There will be many ways for people to be involved in Plant the Parkways.  The most important thing we can convey about this project is that there is room for everyone to help.  And if for any reason you belong to an organization, or are connected to an institutional stakeholder, or find yourself as an individual who is feeling left out – for any reason – we want you to know that we want you involved.  The base group organizing this work is very small.  We don’t have a lot of money to spread the word.  So, your patience and understanding are deeply appreciated if you feel like you are learning about Plant the Parkways later than others.  We are racing the clock to get word to everyone who wants to be part of this work.

Ready to get your hands dirty?

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Here are some of the ways you can get involved:

Spread the word.  Please let others know about Plant the Parkways and invite them to join in.

Community Meetings.  There will be two community meetings.  We will post that information here as soon as it is available.  We will alert the media and any partners we have on file.

Volunteers.  The big push for volunteers will begin during the community meetings.  We will have a series of plantings during March and April.  Each planting will need a certain number of volunteers.  We will also have cleanups along the Parkways.  Plant the Parkways will be very volunteer-centric.  Volunteers will be able to sign up on the volunteermemphis.org website.

Friends of the Parkways.  Once the trees are planted we are hopeful that partners and people will want to stay involved with the Parkway system.  Some type of Friends of the Parkways group will be organized to help with that.  Details will need to be developed for this.  Our energy at the moment is identifying partners, bringing them together, growing relationships and getting the trees in the ground.