The community is you.  You are the community.arbor-day-botanic-garden

So, while we can provide geographic information about the community, our primary focus with Plant the Parkways is on people.  You.  But we also recognize that there is value in understanding the “place” aspect of the Parkway System.

The geographic footprint of this project is defined by the borders of North Parkway (from Front Street to East Parkway), East Parkway (from North Parkway to South Parkway/Park Avenue), an South parkway (from East Parkway to Riverside).

The Parkway System borders or runs through 10 zip codes with varying household median incomes with the City of Memphis:

38112 - $27,306
38104 - $47,767
38105 - $13,576
38111 - $38,328
38114 - $24,813
38106 - $22,631
38126 - $11,083
38109 - $32,033
38103 - $111,462
38107 - $37,102

It remains well documented that Memphis remains one of the poorest cities in America with zip codes like 38126 where the poverty level is 62% compared to that of the City at 28%.  These ten zip codes represent a population of 226,740 individuals includes 21% white, 75% African American and 4% Hispanic, Asian or other.

While Memphis is also known as one of the most economically segregated cities in America, the Memphis Parkway System provides a unique platform for bringing people together to unite around a civic project that will require communication, coordination and collaboration among neighbors and across socio-economic lines.

Every community meeting.  Every clean up.  Every tree planting.  Every meeting of Friends of the Parkways. All are intended to create the opportunity to introduce neighbors to neighbors, partners to partners, and strangers to each other - especially across socio-economic lines.

Remember, Plant the Parkways is about planting trees.  And, just as importantly about growing relationships.

Memphis Parkways Map