Planting Trees and Growing Relationships

The Memphis Parkway System provides a unique platform for bringing people together.  People love the Parkways and the way they frame our City Center.  Thousands of commuters use North, South and East Parkway daily.  The Parkways dissect 10 Memphis zip codes housing over 200,000 residents.  Yet, we are taking the Parkways for granted.

Over time we have allowed what was once proudly referred to by Memphis City Beautiful as the “flowering trail” to slowly slide into a tired and untidy thoroughfare.  It can be grand again.  And, it can be a connector of people beyond that of a transportation corridor.  The Parkways and Plant the Parkways can be a connector of neighbors, families, neighborhoods, and institutional stakeholders.  All it takes is participation.  And that’s where you come in.

Plant The Parkways Mission

before-afterWhile the intent is to plant upwards of 1,000 trees, the truth is we hope Plant the Parkways will unite neighbors around a civic project requiring their communication, coordination, and collaboration. Asking people to lend a hand will ultimately create the opportunity for people to join hands to make Plant the Parkways a reality.  And, given the diversity in these 10 zip codes, we have to believe many of the hands that will work together to make Plant the Parkways a reality, will be the hands of people who otherwise would never have known the other existed.  So, while we are planting trees, we hope to be growing relationships.

Will re-establishing the Parkways as gateways to the city's center increase property values, create new jobs and economic opportunities, and reduce transportation costs? We certainly hope so.

Will the Parkways be more beautiful than they are today?  We are pretty sure of that.

Will you and others be part of making Plant the Parkways a reality?  You can be.  Keep reading.


City of Memphis
Tennessee Urban Forestry Council
Memphis Tree Board
Ritchie Smith Associates
Landscape Services Group
tree city usa

Collaboration, Connectivity, Community

1000+ trees. 16+ miles. 500+ volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities

Plant the Parkways aims to build and enhance our public spaces through engaging the community in combination with neighboring and community-wide volunteer support. We need your help and generosity in creating a more beautiful parkway system.

Friends of the Parkways

A “Friends of The Parkways” organization will be formed following the planting of the trees during the Plant the Parkways project.  Stay tuned….


What's to come

We feel confident that nearly 1,000 trees will be planted as part of Plant the Parkways.  We hope that you and everyone involved will find a way to grow relationships with each other.  If you are an outgoing person who loves to connect with people we sure could use your help in growing the relationships we envision.  We want you involved and we want your help to get others involved, too.